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The project AgriECVET (short for ‘ECVET in Agriculture’) started in 2014. Since then, the partners in this project have developed 12 educational modules in the fields of Agriculture and Horticulture and have exchanged their students to participate in these modules abroad.

On this page we present the projects outputs and results:

Project outputs:

The aim of the project has been to build real ECVET modules that allow students to participate in international learning experiences that are embedded into their home institutions curriculum. Or at least, for which they can acquire recognition and credit. The partnership has therefore developed an ECVET user manual AgriECVET 31-7-2017(Output 4), in which the methods and procedures to come to a solid ECVET exchange has been described.

To complement this Manual, the partners have witten a report about The recognition of Learning Outcomes in the AgriECVET network. This report describes the ways in which the project have organised the process for recognition of learning outcomes and activities in each of the partner countries.

Please find the PDF-versions attached. The Word-versions with active links are also available on request.

Project results (activities):

  • 7 International partner meetings:
    • During the project, the partners have met 7 times in the various partner countries to discuss progress, activities, approaches and procedures. These meetings have served as the backbone of the AgriECVET project.
  • Teacher training for 14 teachers (Click for the programme):
    • These teachers from the partnerschools have been trained in:
      • The AgriECVET objectives and procedures;
      • International educational didactics;
      • Exchange of best practices.
  • The pilot implementation of 6 learning modules
  • Exchange of 89 (!) students within the network.




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