NEW courses 2017-2018

Course Host institution Country Course starts Course ends Brochure Lear-ning material Movies Course contact Enrolment deadline Course price Project
New Horizons in Pig Production Bygholm Denmark  12-11-17 2-12-17 Horizons of future pig production final (1) enrol here 1-10-2017 € 900 Agri-ECVET
Sled dogs Grans  Sweden  13-11-17 8-12-17 Module description Sled dogs enrol here movie  1-10-2017 € 900 AHENE
Brochure Grans
Dairy cows for beginners Kainuun  Finland  12-02-18 2-03-18 Description enrol here 1-12-2017 € 800 AHENE
Integrated Pest Management Bygholm Denmark  04-03-18 24-03-18 Integrated Pest Management brochure enrol here movie students 1-12-2017 € 900 Agri-ECVET
course movie
High yielding dairy production Grasten Denmark  04-03-18 24-03-18 Welcome letter2017 Grasten high yielding dairy cows soon come movie 1-12-2017 € 900 NA
Hoofcare VABI Belgium  04-03-18 24-03-18 Hoof care management brochure enrol here movie 1-12-2017 € 850 Agri-ECVET
student movie1
student movie2
Marketing of Agricultural products Lentiz the Netherlands  04-03-18 24-03-18 Marketing brochure 02-12-2015 enrol here movie 1-12-2017 € 975 Agri-ECVET
movie student
Organic farming HBLA Ursprung Austria  04-03-18 24-03-18 Organic farming brochure enrol here course movie 1-12-2017 € 900 Agri-ECVET
course movie 2
Entrepreneurship Lena-Valle Norway  04-03-18 24-03-18 Entrepreneurship-brochure-lena-valle  enrol here movie students  1-12-2017 € 900 Agri-ECVET
Sustainable dairy farming Aeres the Netherlands  04-03-18 24-03-18 Brochure-sustainable-feed-management-and-grazing-introductie enrol here  1-12-2017 € 1.050 Agri-ECVET
Nordic animals Grans  Sweden  14-5-18 8-06-18 Learning outcomes Nordic Animals enrol here  1-02-18 € 850 AHENE
Brochure Grans
Basic dog care Kainuun  Finland  14-5-18 1-06-18 Dog Care Module Description enrol here 1-2-2018 € 800 AHENE
Husbandry of reptiles Lentiz the Netherlands  11-6-18 6-07-18 Description Husbandry of Reptiles enrol here 1-3-2018 € 850 AHENE
Natural resources in mountain and forest areas Lena-Valle Norway  soon come soon come soon come    NA
Renewable energy CPIFP Piramide Spain  soon come soon come soon come    NA
Poultry Aeres the Netherlands  soon come Poultry brochure enrol here movie    Agri-ECVET
High tech milking VABI Belgium  soon come course description Hightech milking enrol here € 850 Agri-ECVET
Enrichment of living environment, small animals (animal care) VABI Belgium  soon come soon come soon come NA
Animal Health HBLA Ursprung Austria  soon come ursprung_short description_animal health enrol here € 800 Agri-ECVET
First aid for animals Lentiz the Netherlands  soon come Module description First Aid Animals enrol here € 850 AHENE
Introduction to the Biobased Economy Lentiz the Netherlands  soon come Brochure Biobased for students 03-02-2015 enrol here   Agri-ECVET
Undertake an investigative project in the agricultural sector Lentiz the Netherlands soon come enrol here   Agri-ECVET
Beef cattle husbandry NPTC Online (Wales) NA NA enrol here NA NA AHENE
Introduction to sheep husbandry NPTC Online (Wales) NA NA enrol here NA NA AHENE

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